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Install OpenFire on Debian 4.0 Etch

by Pierre-Yves Landuré last modified 2010-12-22 19:21

OpenFire is as XMPP (aka. Jabber) server written in Java. It has the advantage to be very easy to configure by using a Web interface. In my opinion, i think it is the best Jabber server available as a Free software. This page help you to setup a OpenFire server on Debian 4.0 Etch.

OpenFire install

First, we need to install the Sun Java Development Kit  :

apt-get install sun-java5-jdk

We set it up as the default Java virtual machine :

sudo update-java-alternatives --set java-1.5.0-sun

We select the version we want to install:


Note: Visit the Openfire official web site to get the last version number.

We download the Debian package for OpenFire :

/usr/bin/wget${VERSION}_all.deb \

And we install OpenFire:

/usr/bin/dpkg -i /tmp/openfire.deb

Start OpenFire daemon if necessary:

/etc/init.d/openfire start

MySQL database creation

You can install a MySQL server and / or create a MySQL database by following the howto MySQL for Debian 4.0 Etch.

OpenFire configuration

Me now need to setup OpenFire. In order to do this, connect to your serveur 9090 port using HTTP protocol. Example :

And follow the configuration steps.

Note : The same URL allow you to access to your administration interface.

Server parameters

  • Domain: Enter the Jabber domain you are willing this server to manage. Your Jabber users will be of the name@domain form.


Installation failed....

Posted by Tobias at 2008-07-04 14:21
Hi @ all and many thx to Pierre-Yves Landuré for his nice HowTo...

installation of "sun-java5-jdk" failed if u don't add additional repos to ur sources.list......

please add the following line to ur sources.list :

deb etch main non-free contrib

Good Luck....

The only thing hard about this...

Posted by DanielS at 2008-08-29 06:48
Is going to be how to find members to join my xmpp server as your walkthroughs are GREAT!
I had this up and running in no more then 15 min's and that's after installing mysql via your guide as well!
Really! I can't thank you enough for making a perfect debian setup for me as easy as you have!

p.s. any chance you've wanted to make one for a Laconica setup?

well thank you

Posted by Pierre-Yves Landuré at 2008-08-29 17:53
Thank you for your feedback, it always make me happy to see that i can help people.

For Laconica, I'm sorry, but i use this site for my personal servers setup (yeah... i'm doing a lot of things on my personal server :) and I've really no interest in micro blogging, I'm too much of a paranoiac for that.

Thank you again

Quality! But...

Posted by Qbert at 2008-12-04 06:07
This walk through made it absolutely easy to install Openfire on debian, however now that it's been running so nicely for so long, How do I go about updating it? I can't just untar to /usr/share/openfire as those are just links and not really dir's if I'm correct (Still very new at this, sorry...) so I'm unable to just follow the guide. I also noticed that it's available via apt-get, but when I check it there it reports it as being the most up to date version, but when I log into the web admin for openfire, it say's I'm a few behind.

Bet you didn't know you'd turn into a help site too huh :) any idea's?

upgrade ?

Posted by lwolf at 2008-12-04 06:11

upgrade is as easy as installing: just download the new deb package from OpenFire web site, and install it on your system. You then have to log into the admin panel to check that everything is OK, but i've done this 2 times at least without problems.

This is why i like debian :) Upgrade is painless most of the time :)

Good luck
ps: you are not the only one asking for help on this site :)
pps : and thank you for your feedback, i like to know when my install guides are used.

important to update version

Posted by haxwithaxe at 2009-03-17 19:01
There are some serious security problem with openfire versions below 3.6.3 that allow a remote attacker to execute code as root on the server. Everyone please be sure to update your servers.


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